Fletcher Tabuteau


Fletcher brings deep understanding of the new government to Capital and its clients.

He was New Zealand First’s Deputy Leader during the 2017-2020 term and served as the Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, Regional Economic Development, and Disarmament and Arms Control. In these roles Fletcher was often deputised by Ministers to represent New Zealand in international forums on topics from finance to fisheries.

He served as Deputy Chair of the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee and in his first term in Parliament was New Zealand First’s spokesperson for finance, commerce, revenue, trade, tourism, and energy. Fletcher was integral to the 2017 negotiations between New Zealand First and Labour and was part of the team that helped the Labour-New Zealand First Coalition operate effectively over three years.

Fletcher is respected across the House by MPs from all political parties. He brings a unique insider’s understanding of Parliamentary processes, how Ministerial offices function and how the Cabinet policy process works.

Before entering politics, Fletcher was a business and economics lecturer. He has also worked as a Head of Faculty and as a business mentor. Since leaving Parliament he has advised businesses in market and product development.