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In the fast paced digital newsroom of today, where journalists are busier than ever, and where deadlines are a thing of the past, it’s never been more important to know how to tell your story in the right way, at the right time and through the right channels.

Long gone are the days when a simple media release was all you needed to do. The inboxes of journalists are swamped with releases – there are smarter ways to engage media.

As seasoned journalists and skilled communications professionals, Capital’s consultants know how to shape your story so you get your message through to the audience that needs to hear it.

We have a strong background in strategic communications in both a business and political context, as well as issues campaigns and political campaigns at a national level.

Coupled with Capital’s expertise in social media, you can be confident we can pull all levers to ensure you get cut through when you need to front foot an issue of concern or safeguard your reputation when bad news strikes.

We can help you with:

Building and executing communications strategies

Being effective communicators in a crisis

Understanding and managing how you engage with the media

Media training for spokespeople and leaders

Reviewing how your organisation delivers its communications function

Political and advocacy campaigns

Digital marketing

CASE STUDY: Advocating for Pacific child wellbeing – our work with Moana Connect

We have highly valued Mike’s obvious media and government expertise which he has shared so expertly with us. He has been available, even when under pressure. He has always been easy to work with. On a personal note, as the Council spokesperson, it has been reassuring to have Mike at my side.

– Deborah Hart, Chair, Consumer Advocacy Council

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